Voice-assisted anything is the future of everything.

We connect restaurants with customers ready to order via voice technology

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Orderscape Microphone works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and other voice assistants to deliver food-first, voice-first orders from consumers to your restaurants.

We offer full menu ordering, reordering, optimized upselling, search and browse features, push notifications, answers to frequently asked questions about your menus and restaurant along with quick checkout and pay.

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Join the most powerful, voice first, food-centric, search & commerce portal on the planet — Coming Soon!

Our advanced voice technology platform makes it easy to add your restaurants to the voice-enabled universe. We integrate your menus via partnerships with the leading digital ordering platforms using our proprietary menu taxonomy and voice technology. Customers converse with Orderscape’s voicebot to search, order and pay for food through our microphone embedded in your mobile app. Chances are we’ve already integrated with your current online ordering platform or can schedule an integration. We send orders through and are forwarded along to your restaurants just as you receive them today. An order is an order is an order!


% of consumers are ready to order meals using voice assistants today.


% of mobile search is projected to be voice-enabled by 2020.


% of food searches specify a cuisine or food item rather than a specific brand.

Is your restaurant ready for the voice economy?

Contact us if you’re a Food Portal, Online Ordering Platform or Restaurant Brand.

Yes, I want to keep pace with how customers are using technology today—searching and ordering by voice!

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