Voice-assisted anything is the future of everything.

Orderscape’s Voice Ordering Marketplace is coming soon with at least 50,000 restaurants

We tested the world’s first food-centric voice ordering marketplace platform making it easy to find menu items you’re hungry for at nearby restaurants. With 50,000 menus already voice-enabled, look for our launch soon. If you’re a restaurant, get listed today for free. Just contact us at info@orderscaspe.com.

When you’re hungry you’ll just need to say, “IM Hungry.”

“I’m in the mood for a grilled chicken sandwich.”

We connect restaurants with customers ready to order via voice technology

Hey Restaurant Operators, Add a Microphone to your Mobile App!

The Orderscape Microphone is embedded with your mobile app to allow your customers to talk instead of type – so much easier!

We offer full menu ordering, reordering, optimized upselling, search and browse features, push notifications, answers to frequently asked questions about your menu and restaurant business, along with quick checkout and pay.

# Restaurants in the Orderscape Marketplace


% Consumers ready to order meals with their voice

1 billion

% Projected mobile voice searches by 2024https://enlignepharmacie.com/


% Searches for cuisine and food rather than specific brand

Is your restaurant ready for the voice economy?

Contact us if you’re a Food Portal, Online Ordering Platform or Restaurant Brand.

Yes, I want to keep pace with how customers are using technology today—searching and ordering by voice!

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