Order Restaurant Takeout or Delivery

With Your Amazon Alexa


Talk to Eat

Orderscape lets people order 
food from their favorite restaurant’s
full menu by conversing with Amazon Alexa.
Speak, order, eat.

Pick a restaurant Talk to Alexa Order your food Charge your card BAM Food is delivered or ready for pickup!

Restaurants Fill Your Orders

Orderscape sends your order
to your favorite restaurant.
The restaurant fills your order
and gets it ready for
pick-up or delivery to you.

Watch Our Video to See How it Works

Conversation Platforms

The Voice Economy Is Here

With 120 restaurants on board, 685 on deck and 100,000 more in the pipeline, Orderscape is fast becoming the go-to voice ordering platform for the restaurant industry.

Enabling Conversational Ordering for Restaurants Every Day

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People Are Talking

  • Personally, I think summing things into a relatively small screen like an iPhone is not an ideal interface for people. Natural voice is where we think consumers and technology are going.

    Patrick Doyle, CEO Domino’s
  • The novelty of being able to use natural language to communicate with your device is going to change the world. Google just released a statistic that one in five queries made by search are through voice. If that isn’t an indicator of the rise of audio and voice, I don’t know what is?

    Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Every known way a consumer can order a product, we want to provide it. Every known way a consumer can receive a product, we want to have it.

    Carl Howard, CEO Fazoli’s

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