March 2017

More proof of concept that Alexa rocks

Conversational commerce will be a game changer

The damn thing works!

Domino’s has found that in promoting voice, among other consumer engagement techniques, its sales grew. By creating a custom skill for Alexa, Dominos was able to provide an engaging user interface for its pizza purchasing process, resulting in a 12% increase in U.S. based same-store sales in the fourth quarter of last year, and a 10.5% increase over the year.

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Michael L. AtkinsonMore proof of concept that Alexa rocks
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Did Alexa Just Deliver Break-out Earnings for Dominos?

We love having Orderscape validated

Domino’s operates more than 12,500 restaurants worldwide.

According to their CEO, “We look at our ability to reach our customers and those are the platforms where they are spending time. They’re on Alexa. They’re on Google Home. They are using their iPhones to order. They ordering through Facebook Messenger.”

CNBC reported that Domino’s brought in a sharp increase in fourth quarter sales that was much better than competitors and surprised analysts.

What Domino’s is doing for their 12,500 restaurants, Orderscape can do for the other 1 million.

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Michael L. AtkinsonDid Alexa Just Deliver Break-out Earnings for Dominos?
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