July 2017

The Voice Economy

Making Orderscape voice ordering easy for hungry consumers

Easy orderscape setup for you to begin a new way

A new era is beginning and I think one could date-stamp 2018 as the year of the Voice Economy. This is sweeping change that will be natural as, well, using your voice to do everything from opening doors, selecting music and ordering food to go. The keyboard is already obsolete, we just don’t know it yet.

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Michael L. AtkinsonThe Voice Economy
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A Restaurant Technology Startup

Conversational food ordering marketplace

We believe digital assistants are the next major platform for commerce — Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant — 10s of millions now, probably rising to hundreds of millions over next few years. But, while we applaud voice as the next UI, we are creating an omni-channel gateway that includes multiple access points for consumers, including chat platforms and even advanced Interactive Voice Response, (IVR) opening up Orderscape to billions of customers globally.

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Michael L. AtkinsonA Restaurant Technology Startup
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