Talk to Alexa from Your iPhone Too

Reverb allows you to interact with Alexa from anywhere

If you’re remote and need Alexa for something, not to worry. Reverb iPhone and Reverb Android allow you to interact with Alexa from anywhere. Via Reverb, Alexa answers questions, reports traffic and weather, gives info on local businesses, provides sports scores and schedules, and soon, using the Alexa Voice Service to order using Orderscape.

As soon as we have a few brands using Orderscape on Alexa, we will plan to promote the use of Reverb as a mobile option to order food from a Orderscape networked restaurant

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Michael L. Atkinson

Michael L. Atkinson

CEO & Founder, Orderscape. Restaurant operator, technology visionary, investor, restaurant technology advisor and corporate development executive.

Michael L. AtkinsonTalk to Alexa from Your iPhone Too

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