Orderscape Is Making Voice-Order Tech Ridiculously Simple for Restaurants

The restaurant industry has always been notoriously slow to adopt new technologies. But when it comes to voice-ordering tech, you can hardly blame them. As a concept, the idea of voice-enabling your menu — that is, making it possible to search for and order food from your restaurant via the likes of Google Assistant or Alexa — is unique and exciting. As a reality, however, restaurants have to develop and build out as another sales channel, voice is complex, expensive, and time-consuming — or in the words of Orderscape’s CEO, Michael Atkinson, “It’s overwhelming and God-awful.” more

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Ted CohnOrderscape Is Making Voice-Order Tech Ridiculously Simple for Restaurants
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Give your Brand a Voice

Get your brand voice ready

Voice-assisted anything is the future of everything. Of course, we’re biased. But, we are also students and teachers at the same time, being totally committed to voice. So, if voice search + commerce is mission critical for the enterprise and the longtail, brands must, absolutely must voice-ready their content. If you’re a restaurant that means get your menu voice-enabled. If you are a retailer, same thing, get your catalog voice-enabled. Modify your keywords on your website to be more applicable to natural language. Un-brand your product names so they can be more easily discovered generically. From “Bob’s fabulous Fettuccine Alfredo” to “Fettuccine Alfredo”. Even better, add a microphone to your mobile app as training wheels for consumers to a more voice-centric e-commerce landscape and economy. We can do that for you!

Voice is here today, folks. It’s not some future thing that will just suddenly be everywhere. The metrics are astounding, so I encourage you to search “conversational commerce” or “Voice UI” or “voice ordering”, “voice search”, anything “voice ________” and read, learn. Orderscape is voice-enabling millions of menu items, developing a food-centric taxonomy for a voice environment. That’s a first for the restaurant industry. It’s a huge undertaking and it will pay dividends to us and the industry at large as well as provide a superior consumer user experience when ordering food via Google Assistant, or Alexa.

I saw this article and wanted to share it. It’s spot-on about bringing voice to brands with a few tips on where to start. If you are a restaurant brand, call us, we are all-in on voice as a service, for search and commerce.

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Michael L. AtkinsonGive your Brand a Voice
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