How to Bypass Alexa’s NLP and Jump to Warp 10

If you’re developing skills for Alexa, you’ll find that for all her latest success, her first generation NLP engine is honestly dreadful (and that’s being kind), as compared with competing NLP services, such as, LUIS, and others.

After a month of developing a complex skill for my startup, I discovered pretty quickly that I was pushing the boundary of Alexa’s NLP, and I wasn’t even done yet. I personally love and have been using it for our Messenger chatbot for months. Could I use it for Alexa as well? I sure would love to.

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Michael L. Atkinson

CEO & Founder, Orderscape. Restaurant operator, technology visionary, investor, restaurant technology advisor and corporate development executive.

Michael L. AtkinsonHow to Bypass Alexa’s NLP and Jump to Warp 10

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