“I M HUNGRY” – of course you are!

We continue to make progress on multiple fronts, executing our grand vision to own the voice layer for the foodservice industry. It’s grand for sure, because, well, the industry is massive and global, accounting for a big chunk of GDP, employing tens of millions and oh, feeding us, and we want to be the leader in voice search and commerce. So, why not. Someone will and we believe we know how to execute this grand vision. 

Orderscape is structured as a voice technology R&D company with deep restaurant industry expertise and some core IP that enables us to ingest massive amounts of data, enable it for voice search, discovery and commerce, utilizing existing infrastructure on friendly terms, at scale. There is clearly more to share and absorb from this long sentence. Suffice it to say, we’ve been at this for some time now and have learned quite a bit since our founding in early 2017. Now, we enter Phase II for Orderscape. Yay!

Next up for us is really exciting. Now that we have about 50,000 restaurants with over 6 million menu items listed and voice-enabled on our platform, it’s time to gear up for launching the first and largest voice-enabled restaurant marketplace. Today it can be accessed on the Google Assistant App by pressing the microphone and invoking “Talk to Orderscape”. However, when we launch the voice portal and restaurant marketplace later this year, it will be renamed “IM Hungry”. Which seems appropriate, particularly for a voice portal. The invocation “I M Hungry” is how  consumers will access our portal/marketplace and then our voicebot will respond with, “Hi, what are you hungry for?”…and the order/dialog flow begins. Cool, eh?

Check out Get on the list to be notified when IM HUNGRY is officially launched. If you are a restaurant, connect with me at Orderscape and we will provide the information required to be listed for FREE, on the IM HUNGRY restaurant marketplace.

The online food ordering industry is being disrupted by voice. We’re happy to help.

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Michael L. Atkinson

CEO & Founder, Orderscape. Restaurant operator, technology visionary, investor, restaurant technology advisor and corporate development executive.

Michael L. Atkinson“I M HUNGRY” – of course you are!

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