A Restaurant Technology Startup

Conversational food ordering marketplace

We believe digital assistants are the next major platform for commerce — Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant — 10s of millions now, probably rising to hundreds of millions over next few years. But, while we applaud voice as the next UI, we are creating an omni-channel gateway that includes multiple access points for consumers, including chat platforms and even advanced Interactive Voice Response, (IVR) opening up Orderscape to billions of customers globally.

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Michael L. AtkinsonA Restaurant Technology Startup
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Go Where Your Customers Are

The new business mandate to remain competitive

Increase Traffic

Well, hell yes! If you are in business today and not open to what’s new and next, you are on the road to competitive obsolesce. Competition isn’t just around the corner. Its on every corner and in dark sites that you don’t know about and can’t see. The restaurant industry is light years from where it was even five years ago, so imagine what it will become. Everything is moving faster. New advances in technologies and unfettered access to data are the great modifiers and equalizers that will define the winners and losers in the coming years. Last week isn’t where you go for answers anymore. It’s last night and even last the day part. Find new ways to reach your customers and find new customers.

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Michael L. AtkinsonGo Where Your Customers Are
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Feature or Product?

Absolute reliance on partnerships

Is Orderscape a feature or a product?

Yesterday, a senior IT Manager at a restaurant chain wasn’t very complimentary about Orderscape. He referred to it as a “Feature”, not a “Product” and because of this, expects Orderscape will likely have a relatively short life span. So, ok, we listen and take all comments in and think about them. This was an interesting perspective. One that frankly, I never considered. Maybe because it’s so ridiculous, but I digress.

So, let’s examine what a feature is. Of course I used Google’s renowned search feature to locate this.

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Michael L. AtkinsonFeature or Product?
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Voice Economy

The Voice Economy is here

So, we’ve coined a term that magnifies how massive the opportunity is. According to Wikipedia, A voice-user interface makes human interaction with computers possible through a voice/speech platform in order to initiate an automated service or process. A VUI is the interface to any speech application. Well, that pretty much tells our story. However, we include chat in our VUI context.

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Michael L. AtkinsonVoice Economy
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More proof of concept that Alexa rocks

Conversational commerce will be a game changer

The damn thing works!

Domino’s has found that in promoting voice, among other consumer engagement techniques, its sales grew. By creating a custom skill for Alexa, Dominos was able to provide an engaging user interface for its pizza purchasing process, resulting in a 12% increase in U.S. based same-store sales in the fourth quarter of last year, and a 10.5% increase over the year.

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Michael L. AtkinsonMore proof of concept that Alexa rocks
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