The coming reality of voice driven interactions and ordering

I’m in Dallas speaking at a restaurant technology event this week. Nothing gives me more energy than an attentive audience seeking knowledge or insight into the art of the possible in the restaurant technology sector. Well, that’s a dream, really. Having a large engaged audience able to suspend disbelief just long enough to believe that the Voice User Interface (VUI) is really here. And, here now. That they should immediately activate and engage; maybe order some food using just their voice on relevant digital agent platforms. Well, not so fast. It’s still a dream, especially in the restaurant industry where everyone is seemingly born in Missouri…no disrespect to open-minded, forward-thinking Missourian.

But, I did perhaps, just perhaps, convert one or two to the “art of the possible”. The voice economy, if you will.

Then, a lunch with a like-minded, restaurant industry marketing veteran with passion, intelligence and vision. Whatever personal soul-battery that was nearing the red, suddenly was recharged with one sweet conversation. And, it wasn’t all about resttech…it was also about the industry, the people and why we love it so, consistently for, yes, 40 years now. It helped frame the “why do I do this to myself” question. So thanks, Nancy.

I believe that voice interaction and commerce will indeed change this industry positively and if that’s my one big contribution to foodservice, then it’s worth the hundreds of rejections by otherwise, amazing restaurant professionals. Being ignored like Ray Kroc was selling milkshake blenders is just part of the job – persistence. I realize now, all I need are a few believers, like Nancy. So, thanks to the Nancy’s, the dreamers and believers that keep us believing and working hard to inspire and infect our positivity and vision on the decision makers. Restaurant technology is transforming the restaurant industry and I’m glad I’m helping with that.

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Michael L. AtkinsonThe coming reality of voice driven interactions and ordering
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Massive Digital Assistant Market Opportunity

Ultimately, we see voice technology as being embedded in everything we‘re doing for use in everyday life. It will really be a voice first world. Check out how Gartner research sees growth.

Do you believe that within 2 years you will be ordering food using a digital assistant, using just your voice? if the answer is yes, who do you think will make that happen? Yep, Orderscape….making that happen today.

7.5 Billion units


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Michael L. AtkinsonMassive Digital Assistant Market Opportunity
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Fazoli’s now offers full-menu ordering using Alexa

Check out Orderscape’s newest restaurant skill using Alexa to order food. Fazoli’s is 200+ unit Italian-American fast-casual restaurant chain and franchisor based out of Lexington, Kentucky.

Learn how to order food for carryout using Alexa here.

Just enable the Fazoli’s skill on Alexa app, and register at Orderscape  (not available at all locations)

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Michael L. AtkinsonFazoli’s now offers full-menu ordering using Alexa
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We are at a predawn of a consumer voice revolution

I’m marking 2017 as the beginning of the voice revolution and 2018 as the year consumers embrace voice as their new preferred way to interact online. This will indeed, be an amazing year for the conversational user interface…it’s only natural!

Orderscape launches Fazoli’s, among the first full-menu order automation engines.


Enable Fazoli’s on your Alexa app and register here, at Orderscape. Not available at all Fazoli’s locations yet.



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Michael L. AtkinsonWe are at a predawn of a consumer voice revolution
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Voice is the Thing in 2018 – Order automation for restaurants

Nothing happens overnight. We hear a song we’ve never heard before by a band we don’t know and think it’s a new band. We hear about a popular and successful restaurant for the first time and think it’s new. But, it’s just new to us. “The overnight success – 30 years in the making”. Humans do this all the time. Signs, phrases, names, and places are invisible to us until they’re not. Then we see these everywhere! Take voice-enabled digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home for example. They are shaping up as ideal candidates to extend the digital consumer ecosystem into every household. While these are still early days for standalone voice devices and massive user adoption, but we are now aware that voice is a thing in 2018. Digital voice assistants are everywhere now and will game-changing for commerce.

Conversational Commerce
Consumer purchases of products and services via voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, among others, will revolutionize how consumers and brands interact in ways not witnessed since the dawn of e-Commerce. We are at the predawn of a complete consumer voice commerce revolution…that’s exciting! This early adoption by consumers and enlightened fearless brands will drive investment and innovation, consequently enabling an entirely new way for brands to build engagement, grow sales and valuable relationships with consumers.

Orderscape is a pioneer in conversational commerce and order automation for the foodservice industry. We believe voice assistants are about to revolutionize commerce and become the preferred method for consumer interaction and engagement. But, don’t look for a “J-curve of adoption and use just yet. It will grow steadily in 2018 and 2019. Then, 2020 will be the breakout year.We will see users adopt voice at a quicker pace than the smartphone. Why? Well, in part, because these digital voice assistants are mobile too and we all know how to use the smartphone. You don’t necessarily need a stand-alone device to order food.

Already, if you are a Prime member of Amazon, all you need is the Alexa app, or even just the shopping app to utilize Alexa for ordering and tasking. Just click on the Alexa logo in the upper right corner and speak. “Open Fazoli’s”.

According to Capgemini, consumers are embracing voice assistants in their lives. In fact, 40% of consumers will prefer voice assistants over using a website or mobile app in just three years. And, because a conversation is also mobile, 81% surveyed already use smartphones for a search and to order food, search, make payments, play music and for ride-sharing services.

The Restaurant Industry
Orderscape is targeting the global foodservice industry, at least to start. Wherever there are restaurants, we want to power the fourth pillar of food ordering (telephone, web and mobile apps are the first three). Our research suggests that 56% of users are interested in ordering meals from restaurants using voice applications and 34% have already ordered a meal using a voice assistant. And, we are just beginning.

Pizza takeaway pioneer, Domino’s, has been a technology innovator for years. They also offer voice ordering. As early as 2014, Domino’s Pizza launched voice ordering via its iPhone and Android apps.The in-app voice assistant on Alexa, Dominos, can take users’ order for carryout or delivery, handle saved orders, suggest additions to a meal, and add coupons for the best deals. But, this application is for Dominos and just for pizza. Developing a platform to provide a good customer conversational and full-menu food ordering experience at any restaurant with any menu is far more complex. This is our plan and our technology now available to any restaurant that can connect to Orderscape. Our vision is to enable any restaurant with any menu to engage interactively and intelligently with any customer anywhere using our conversational UI to transact a food order. No thumbs or fingers required. Just a voice and a credit card on file at Orderscape, give consumers access to all restaurants in our growing marketplace of menus. And, not just on Alexa. Imagine the power of being able to order food from restaurants near your home, dorm or office with a push of a button or saying “Alexa, open Orderscape, I’m hungry”. We can imagine that. This is why we are automating food ordering and making this happen today.

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Michael L. AtkinsonVoice is the Thing in 2018 – Order automation for restaurants
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