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Hear your analytics dashboard speak using VoiceKPI, Powered by Orderscape

While our vision is to power the conversational commerce microphone on all restaurant mobile devices, we are in fact, a full-service voice technology company. This means that while we are focused like a laser beam on our platform that enables consumers to order food using voice assistants and smartphones, we do have other products that serve the needs restaurants. Our first non-transactional product is VoiceKPI, which is a back-of-house tool for managers. This voice-enabled management tool will absolutely save a restaurant manager time that can be reallocated elsewhere – training, development, recruiting, strategy or for touching tables and engaging with guests; where they should be spending time. VoiceKPI eliminates the need to visit a website to open their analytics application, view, scan and interpret data from a confusing analytics dashboard with charts, graphs and a myriad of confusing datasets. Restaurant managers are not data scientists. But they do want and needs access to key metrics that can help run their operations. What if all they had to do to know what happened or what’s happening now, is to ask VoiceKPI “Alexa, how’s my restaurant doing?” Spending money on expensive back-office data and analytics systems is wasted unless management can easily access and use the data. Then, know what is important and apply these insights to help run their restaurant. VoiceKPI not only saves operators time but it provides easy access to business insights that every manager must know to run their business.

VoiceKPI is completely customizable and configurable for any manager, regional manager, director of operations, CFO, CEO or owner. It comes pre-configured with 5 core Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that every restaurant should have. Then, they can add KPI’s to suit their individual requirements. What are your favorite data to help you run your restaurant more effectively? Want to add social media insights? Weather? Labor analysis and reservations? Add alerts? Bundle insights by region or franchise group? Sure, no problem. While many operators use the same core KPI’s, others will have their favorites. Whatever data is collected and whatever insights are analyzed by your current back-office system, we can verbalize. If you want, we can even integrate directly with a POS, to provide on-the-fly insights accessed via Google Assistant during the shift.

Use cases include having an Amazon Echo – Alexa device in the restaurant office connected to your internal WiFi. Each manager can have access to these shared insights. There is no need to login to your back-office system and open a screen. Just ask “Alexa, I need my morning briefing” and listen, taking notes if you wish, or asking her to repeat any insight. Another use case is using Alexa on the fly or adding Google Assistant so now, VoiceKPI is mobile. If you’re a DO, ask “Alexa, what the status at unit 123” while driving between restaurants. Saving time and creating efficiencies using automation is a key driver to success today.

VoiceKPI is game-changing for the restaurant industry and we’re excited to continue to add value to the industry in new ways.

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Michael L. AtkinsonHear your analytics dashboard speak using VoiceKPI, Powered by Orderscape
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Evangelizing Voice as a Service

At the CGA restaurant event – London, UK. Pete Craig (l) and CEO Michael Atkinson (r), April 19, 2018.

We are passionate about what we do here at Orderscape. This means we get to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with retail merchants, restaurateurs and service providers everywhere. In exchange, we receive insight into what consumer use cases are on top of their minds. For the past several months, I have been speaking and evangelizing the power of voice technology at restaurant technology events in Austin, Dallas, Washington D.C., Orlando, Los Angeles and London. Every time, operators and information technologists are wowed by the possibilities. And, frankly surprised that voice ordering and voice as a service is being used now by both merchants and consumers. Voice is here and growing in use.

The adoption numbers are staggering. Capgemini research report suggests more than 7.5 billion voice assistants will be in use by 2022. This probably includes the 1.3 billion current users of Google Assistant. This means that there is no new app to download. Just attach a certified Voice menu Action powered by Orderscape and bam!

Pete Craig, who heads our London office for UK and Europe markets, and I attended the CGA Restuarant Analytics event in London, April 19th. I was able to share some ideas on how voice works in the restaurant environment and introduce the audience to our newest product; VoiceKPI. VoiceKPI is a way to voice-enable a data and insights dashboard without needing a screen. Just plug into a back office system for analytics and select your favorite KPI’s and just ask your business how you’re doing! Very cool. See more information about VoiceKPI here.

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Michael L. AtkinsonEvangelizing Voice as a Service
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