The Voice Economy

Making Orderscape voice ordering easy for hungry consumers

Orderscape is committed to developing leading-edge technologies that facilitate commerce using just your voice. Sure, we also work on chatbots using text, but voice is sexy and the future. It’s referred to a Conversational Commerce. We call it the Voice Economy and it’s pretty exciting.

“Plan B is our Plan A” – John Wong

When it comes to commitment, this startup owns it. We have one plan and we are executing it aggressively. We are believers and doers focused on delivering a superior user experience; making it easy to sign up, discover, select, order and even have your food delivered to wherever you are. Elegantly and seamlessly delivering using just your voice, a full-menu ordering experience.

Most startups pivot along the way, which is natural. However, we think we timed our market entry well so no pivot required and that is what’ called luck. All startups need luck and we are lucky every day. Wn you see green lights as your startup unfolds, that’s usually a good sign. We had a vision in 2016 and have been heads-down for more than 13 months, developing something that didn’t exist before. Now, 2017 is shaping up to the Amazon’s year for its amazing Alexa device, followed by Google, Apple, Samsung and probably others. It’s all about voice now and we are right there, leading the charge with our patents pending technology to enable tens of thousands of restaurants on our marketplace for voice and chat ordering. We will launch orderscape with 220 unit Fazoli’s Restaurant chain in August. This will change the calculus for both consumers and restaurants for sure. Stay tuned…it’s getting real.

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Michael L. Atkinson

CEO & Founder, Orderscape. Restaurant operator, technology visionary, investor, restaurant technology advisor and corporate development executive.

Michael L. AtkinsonThe Voice Economy

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