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While voice user interfaces have been around for decades but technology has made things better. I think the first VUI was created by Bell Laboratories debuted their “Audrey” system (the first voice controlled UI) in 1952.

The engineering team at thinks it’s VUI is both task oriented and interactive, meaning true conversational application. Even more, its conversations lead to a commerce transaction, using Orderscape, the first full-menu restaurant ordering platform. Re-order from your last three orders is a start, and where many large restaurant chains and even GrubHub entered the Voice Economy. While that may be an easy route for developers, it’s not the best consumer experience. Orderscape’s full-menu conversational platform offers suggestions based on all prior orders, tells you about what’s popular and can even suggest adding a salad, a beverage and other up-sell and ordering opportunities. This is just the beginning for conversational commerce and we’re excited to be breaking new ground with a vision of an omni-channel gateway for both voice and chat access points that enable food and restaurant ordering and making reservations, among other interactive use cases.

Voice-enabled speaker usage to grow nearly 130% this year (eMarketer). In 2017, 35.6 million Americans will use a voice-activated assistant device at least once a month. That’s a jump of 128.9% over last year. Amazon’s Echo speaker will have 70.6% of users.

Orderscape has a vision


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CEO & Founder, Orderscape. Restaurant operator, technology visionary, investor, restaurant technology advisor and corporate development executive.

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