Call Center Automation for Restaurants

Conversational AI has improved so much in the past few years that  restaurants currently using call centers for telephone ordering, should now consider automating digital ordering using Orderscape’s “conversational order” agents.

COVID has accelerated adoption of  labor savings opportunities and  renewed interest in leveraging voice-enabled productivity software. With call center bot agents, the cost per order can be in the range of $0.60 to $1.00 per order, saving 80%+, while increasing upsells and cross selling revenue.

Migrating from IVR > Conversational AI is like going from a telephone to a Smartphone. We use proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) translators to engage in interactive and transactional actions with your customers. 

Restaurant Operators
Many restaurant chains are actually unplugging their wireline phones so employees can’t answer them. Instead, they prefer to direct calls to costly human agents that take food orders from distributed call centers at home offices nationwide. The risk are interpretation, re-keying orderings, failing to upsell or ask critical questions in a non-uniform way.

Now, the smarter restaurant operators are opting to utilize automated conversational AI agents that “fail-over” to humans only if there is a problem. This resource management saves the operator time and money, eliminates mistakes and computers never forget to upsell or cross sell and never need a break or call in sick. 

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