Get Orders

From Amazon Alexa

1. We Send You Orders

Receive orders the way you want, using your
existing online ordering platform—
via POS, 
email, tablet or fax.
originate orders, accept
payments and forward to you.


2. You Prepare the Food

This is where you shine—nothing changes for you.
You cook and prepare the food order
like you would with any online order
and have it ready it for pickup or delivery.

3. We Send You Money

We pay you or your franchisees biweekly
after we retain a sales commission for
originating and transacting the order.
This is a
 great new channel for added revenue.

Boost Sales with Orders from Alexa

Contact us or call (408) 663-4620

(At this time we are only accepting brands with over 100 units)

With 120 restaurants on board, 685 on deck and 100,000 more in the pipeline, Orderscape is fast becoming the go-to voice ordering platform for the restaurant industry. Don’t miss out!

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