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Would you like to have your restaurants and menus listed in our voice search marketplace for free for broad consumer reach? Fill out the form below and you’re set. We’ll contact you to confirm and let you know the next steps. It’s easy. It’s free.

Why Voice Search and Commerce?

Voice is natural and easy for humans to use in part because people have been using embedded microphones in mobile apps for years. Amazon launched Alexa and Google launched Google Assistant that has 95% voice recognition reliability on par with human recognition.

Today there are over 100 million voice assistants in use across several voice channels, expected to grow to 275 million by 2024. There are also more than a billion voice access points today worldwide via mobile apps. Orderscape  published and tested its new nationwide Food Marketplace on Google Assistant for search and now soon, using proprietary conversational AI, enabling voice ordering.

According to Voicebot.ai, by 2024, over 50% of all search (mobile and browser) will be voice enabled. Moreover, About 30% of all searches will be done without a screen, per Gartner. This means if your restaurant is not discoverable on these voice gateways (at home, office, mobile or even in the car), then you are invisible to millions of consumers using voice to find anything…including a place to eat, drink, order and reorder food to carry-out and reservations.

This new market and sales opportunity with Orderscape will pave the way for restaurant operators to enable their restaurants and menus on these platforms for search and voice ordering activities.

Why Voice-enable Your Menus?

Food ordering begins with what to eat before where to order seventy percent (70%) of the time. This means food search for cuisines like Chinese or menu items like Fettuccine Alfredo. Voice search must be concise, hyper-relevant and deliver fast results based on what vs. where.

Increase Brand Accessibility. Voice search has become a significant portion of web traffic and will grow—on mobile devices. Consumers view these devices as access points for information, engagement, e-commerce and online takeout.

Convert local queries to actionable tasks. Voice search marketing to increase your local traffic cannot be overstated. Many times, people who are using voice search are on-the-go and looking for local results that they can be used immediately. Just saying “I M Hungry” with our installed app will bring up 50,000+ restaurant menus, many, close to you.

What We Do for Your Brand

We make it EASY for you to take advantage of voice search and ordering TODAY and get in front of millions of consumers as we grow our voice marketplace for food. If your brand is connected to a qualifying food ordering platform, or a cloud-based POS, we offer you a free listing of all your locations and menus in our Marketplace for mass consumer exposure and soon, with API integration, a voice-enabled menu powered by Orderscape and accessed via IMhungry.ai app.

Restaurants must become voice assessable by 2023,. menus voice-enabled for food-centric search and voice ordering. This is a massive, exciting new sales channel and opportunity for customer engagement, search, discovery, and commerce. Free is only available to those forward-thinking brands that want to remain relevant and keep pace with how consumers use technology today.

Just fill out the form below and you’re set. We’ll contact you to confirm and let you know the next steps. It’s easy and we look forward to connecting with you.

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