Orderscape Marketplace Guide

How do I get it?

Patience grasshopper.
Orderscape Marketplace will be accessible by downloading the IMhungry.ai app. When it’s published and ready for showtime, you will be notified. 

Here is a peek at the UI…

How does it work?

Once you’ve opened the Marketplace using IMhungry.ai app for the first time, it will ask you for permission to obtain your current location and name. We recommend saying “yes“. If you don’t, the bot will ask you to specify your location manually. In this case, specify your city and state such as “Go to San Jose, California.”

Location, location, location

As you might expect, location is critically important for food and restaurant search. While we currently support 50,000 restaurants nationwide, your area may not be covered if you’re in a small town. We’ll be adding more restaurants over time. You can still play with the action by specifying another (larger) city or metro area such as Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. You can always change your location manually at any time by saying, for example:

  • Go to Boston
  • Visit Chicago, Illinois
  • I’m at the San Francisco airport
  • Switch to San Jose, CA
  • I moved to 94530
  • I’m visiting Disneyland
  • Set my address to 555 Main St., New York, New York
  • etc.

You can update your current location more easily at any time from your mobile device by saying “Update my location“, for example. Google requires confirmation to obtain your mobile location, so say “yes” to confirm.

Search for food

To search food you’re hungry for nearby, just say, for example:

  • I’m hungry for Fettuccine Alfredo.
  • I want a Caesar salad.
  • I’m in the mood for pumpkin pie.
  • We’re hungry for cheeseburgers.
  • etc.

You’ll see and hear the results of all matching menu items at restaurants near you. You should see exact results first followed by similar results. Select an item to get more information about it, then get details on the restaurant if you desire too, get directions, or continue the search. Say “Search Results” to see the current list of results again. You can page through results by saying “more” or “back“.

Add query terms

To narrow results, you can add terms to your query by saying, for example:

  • Plus mushrooms and olives
  • Also ketchup and mustard
  • With lettuce
  • Include pepperoni

NOTE: When you narrow results you may notice that you see more results. How can this be? Making your query more specific brings items of interest to the top, but will also match more items.

Remove query terms

To generalize your search, you can remove existing terms from your query by saying things like:

  • Without the pickles
  • Drop the ketchup
  • Not lettuce
  • Minus onions
  • With no peanuts please
  • Forget the olives

Expand or reduce your search area

Your search area defaults to 3 miles from your location, but you can increase or decrease the radius from 0.5 to 20 miles at any time to affect your current and future searches, for example, say:

  • Increase radius by 2 miles.
  • Decrease radius by 1 mile.
  • Set radius to 4 kilometers.
  • etc.

Search for cuisines

You can easily search for restaurants of any or desired cuisines by saying:

  • Show me Italian restaurants.
  • Find Mexican restaurants.
  • I’m looking for Asian food.
  • What Sushi is nearby?
  • Show me cuisines nearby.
  • Cuisines.
  • etc.

Search for restaurants.

You can find restaurants by name with some of the following queries by saying, for example:

  • Show Round Table Pizza restaurants
  • Open Potbelly
  • List Olive Gardens near me
  • Find Clay Oven restaurant
  • etc.

Item Details

When you select a menu item or restaurant from a list you’re shown details. Here’s an example of item details:

Restaurant Details

Here’s an example of restaurant details. For restaurants, you can also ask for directions or tap the directions button to get a map with directions.

Getting help and tips.

You can get help at any time in the action by just asking, e.g. “I need help,”Help me please,” or just “Help.” The action will also periodically offer you tips on how to get things done. Once tips are exhausted, you won’t hear them anymore, but can restart them by saying “Reset tips.”

I found a bug! How do I let you know?

What! You found a bug?! We’d like to hear about it ASAP. Please submit your bug report here or while inside the action, simply say “I’d like to report bug” or similar and it will give you a link you can press to go to the form in your browser.

The Marketplace exiting prematurely or not responding as you’d expect are probably bugs. Please share some of your conversation history leading up to the bug in your report. Please also indicate if this is repeatable. Please also include your location within the app (city, state) and search radius if possible.

How do I submit general feedback?

We’d love to hear your comments and ideas on how to make Orderscape Marketplace better. Please submit your feedback here.

How do learn about the IM-HUNGRY Portal?

Well, this is truly exciting and a long time coming. Frankly, it’s taken 2 years just to come up with a name that is obvious..IM HUNGRY pretty much tells the story. So, check out IM Hungry here.

Please submit your feedback here.

Michael L. AtkinsonOrderscape Marketplace Guide