Fazoli’s Alexa Skill

Getting Started [Fazoli’s has been unpublished]

Create Your Orderscape Account

To order food on Alexa, you must create an Orderscape account.

You only need to sign up and specify payment once to make future purchases.

Link Alexa to Your Orderscape Account

  1. Visit the Fazoli’s Alexa Skill page on Amazon—or from your Alexa Mobile App, go to the Skill tab and search for “Fazoli’s”.
  2. Click the Enable button on the Skill page.
  3. Enable Device Address permission and click the Save Permissions button.
  4. Sign In to your Orderscape account and click the Link Account button.

After linking, you are ready to use the Fazoli’s Skill.

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t already done so, we urge you to set the device location for each of your Echo devices in your Alexa App BEFORE talking with the Fazoli’s Skill for a smoother onboarding experience. This is so the skill can quickly find nearby Fazoli’s restaurants to order from. 

Open the Skill

To get started, say:

  • Alexa, open Fazolis

Set Your Location

Alexa will use the location you provided in the profile settings for your Echo device (if you granted permission) to help you find a restaurant nearby. Otherwise, the skill will prompt you for your city and state. If your city or state isn’t recognized, you can say your zip code.

Acceptable ways to specify your location by voice:

  • San Jose, California
  • 90210
  • 123 Main Street, Miami, Florida

To hear your current location, say:

  • My address
  • What’s my location?
  • What location is specified?

If you want to change your location, say:

  • Change my location
  • Set my address
  • Switch location

Choose a Restaurant Near You

After your location has been set, the skill will ask you to select a restaurant. Alexa will list one location at a time by address, starting with the closest and expanding out.

IMPORTANT: The restaurant brand may not have enabled all stores nationwide for ordering through this skill, and we apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Within the skill, Alexa only lists participating locations.

Start an Order

When you first start using the skill, it will automatically begin a new order.

You can have only one order open at a time. Alexa will store the order in progress until the sooner of—one hour before the selected restaurant closes or midnight the day the order was placed.

If you don’t complete an unfinished order by its daily deadline, the order disappears, and Alexa defaults to starting a new order next time you open the skill.

Cancel an Order

You can cancel your current order at any time by saying:

  • Cancel my order
  • Cancel everything

The skill will ask you to confirm so that you don’t lose your cart contents accidentally.

This will clear your cart and let you specify new order parameters, like whether you want to pick up or have your order delivered.

IMPORTANT: Presently, all orders are for pickup or delivery ASAP. We plan to implement the ability to specify a time to pick up or deliver your order in a future release.

Example Utterances

From here on out, we’ll use example menus, products and options to show you how you can talk to the skill. The skill’s menu may or may not contain these specific example items.

Hear the Menu

To find out what’s on the menu, ask for what you want:

  • Menu
  • Main menu
  • What’s on the menu?
  • What’s for dessert?
  • What are the sandwiches?
  • What’s to drink?

You can hear the main menu or submenus at any time. If the menus are too long, the skill will list several, then ask if you wish to hear more.

You can also view Fazoli’s menu online to assist while ordering by voice.

Get Product Info

If you’re curious about a product’s price, availability or description, just ask about it:

  • Tell me about the Pasta Rigatoni, please
  • What about the Cheesecake?
  • How much is the Pepperoni Pizza?
  • Is the King Arthur’s Supreme available?

It generally works best if you speak slowly, use few words and enunciate so that Alexa understands.

Ask Alexa to Repeat

If you forget what Alexa just said, say:

  • Can you repeat that?
  • What was that?
  • Repeat, please?
  • Huh?

Ask Alexa to Pause

Alexa has a 6-second attention span, so if you need more time to think about how to respond, say the following before she closes the skill:

  • Hang on
  • Hang out
  • Hold, please
  • Hold on

Know Your Current Item

The skill maintains a current item, usually the last product you added to your cart.

When you delete the current item, the product you added previously generally becomes the new current item.

When you clear your cart or start a new order, there is no current item yet.

If you modify a specific product in your cart, it becomes the current item. You can quickly and easily modify the current item’s quantity, add options to or remove options from the product, simply by saying what you want:

  • Make that two cookies
  • Add mushrooms
  • Delete broccoli and onions
  • Remove sausage, pepperoni and cheese

You can hear what the current item is by saying:

  • Current item?
  • What’s the current item?

Add Items

It’s easy to add new items to your shopping cart. Just say the product name and, optionally, the quantity and desired options—one product at a time:

  • A large soft drink
  • Please add two brownies
  • I’d like five small iced teas
  • Add a medium pepperoni pizza with pineapple and sausage

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to add more than one product at once, such as, Add a diet Pepsi, two fries and a pepperoni pizza. We hope to let you add multiple products at some point in the future.

Specify Item Options

Menu items with no options are the easiest to add to your cart—just say the item.

Some products offer options but don’t require that you specify them. If this is the case, the skill will let you say skip to move on.

Other products may require that you specify options before they can be added to your cart, like size, sauce, side or topping.

If you happen to provide the required option along with the product, Alexa will add it to your cart and be ready for the next item. For example, if you said, Add a small Coke, and size was the only option group for Coke, then you’ve already specified all that’s required, and the item is added to your cart.

Options Mode

When you add a product without specifying all the required options in one statement, the skill enters Options Mode, prompting you to specify missing required options, one at a time, until all have been selected.

When the required options are complete, the skill will let you know and add the product to the cart.

You can exit Options Mode by saying cancel, and the item will not be added to the cart.

The skill will list available options for the current option group if there are three or fewer. Otherwise, to hear all available choices for the current option group, say:

  • What are the options?
  • What are my choices?
  • Please list choices

Remove Items

You can delete one product at a time. To remove the current item, say:

  • Remove it
  • Remove that
  • Please delete that
  • Cancel that

Otherwise, you can specify the item to remove by its name and optional modifiers to differentiate it from other items:

  • Remove two penne alfredos
  • Remove the large pepperoni pizza
  • Remove all diet cokes
  • Remove three brownies

Change Current Item Options

Sometimes you may want to alter the options you’ve applied to a product in your cart. If it’s the current item, you can simply add or remove options that were applied:

  • Add pineapple and sausage
  • Please include meat sauce
  • Make it large
  • Remove olives and mushrooms
  • Make it meat sauce
  • Change it to pineapple

If you remove an option, the skill may ask you to replace it with another option if that option group requires one or more options.

If you add an option to a product that has a limit on the number of options allowed, you may bump out the oldest option that you selected. For example, if a pizza only allows four options and you apply a fifth, the first option you chose may be bumped.

Select a New Current Item

To modify the options of another product in your cart, you must say its name to make it the current item.

Then you can add or remove options to it as the current item. If you need to make extensive changes to an existing cart item, it might be easier to delete it first, then re-add the item and enter options mode to specify all the options again.

It’s helpful to have the menu in front of you if the options are complicated.

Change Quantity of Current Item

To change the quantity of the current item, use any of the following phrases:

  • Add five more
  • Remove three
  • Make that seven

Change Quantity of Other Cart Item

If you want to change the quantity of another cart item that is not the current item, you need to specify it by name:

  • Add five (more) brownies
  • Remove three pepperoni pizzas
  • Make that twelve Diet Cokes

Add or Remove a Tip

If you want to add a tip, you can do so by amount or percentage, approve any current tip applied, or remove the tip:

  • Add a $5 tip
  • Please add a 20% tip
  • Delete the tip
  • What is the tip?

Minimum Order Amount

Some restaurants require a minimum total order before you can check out. You can ask in different ways:

  • What’s the minimum order?
  • Minimum amount?

Check Out

You can check out after you add one or more items to your cart:

  • Check out
  • I’m ready to check out

There are some additional requirements before you can place your order:

  1. Meet the minimum order amount. The skill will tell you at checkout if you’ve met the minimum. You can also ask what it is.
  2. Linked account. If you haven’t linked your account yet to Orderscape, the skill will remind you. You only need to do this once. Alexa will output an Account Linking Card in the Alexa App that you can click to start that process.
  3. Payment on file. You must specify a valid credit card in your Orderscape account to pay for your order.
  4. Open for business. The restaurant must be open and accepting orders.

Once these criteria are satisfied, the skill will verify your order, say the total amount and confirm if you are ready to place your order.

Say yes to submit your order or no to continue modifying your order.

The skill will report whether your order has been placed.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes it takes longer to place your order than the six seconds Alexa will wait. When she reaches her time limit, she will ask if you’d like to continue waiting to hear results or exit. If you don’t reply, she will exit, but you can re-open the skill later to hear order status.

Please note, you cannot cancel checkout once you confirm order placement.


If successful, and your order is placed, you will receive an email receipt and a receipt card in your Alexa App or web page (https://alexa.amazon.com/spa/index.html#cards).

If not successful, the skill will tell you what went wrong, if possible, and send you an email about the failure. Your cart is left untouched so you can attempt checking out again later.

Get Restaurant Information

You can hear about the current restaurant by asking about it.

  • What’s my restaurant?
  • Tell me about the restaurant
  • What’s my restaurant address?

Restaurant FAQ

Brands may have some of their own Q&A, for example:

  • Tell me about Fazoli’s
  • How can I franchise Fazoli’s?
  • What does Fazoli’s serve?


Say, Tell me a joke, to hear a food joke. Can you find the easter egg?

Alexa Home Cards

The skill can display the following types of cards in your Alexa App:

Welcome—Shown at most once a day each time you open the skill and describes the restaurant brand, high-level product offering, brand information and essential ways to engage the skill.

Restaurant Locations—Up to 10 restaurants with address and distance nearest you will be shown when selecting a restaurant.

Menu—Shows top-level categories offered and all products with starting prices.

Product Information—Describes the product, base price, and available options.

Shopping Cart—Display your cart contents (if it has changed since the last time it was shown).

Receipt—When you check out successfully and your order has been placed.

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